About Ahh…Qua Bed & Breakfast



Ahh…Qua Bed & Breakfast is owned and operated by newlyweds John Gregory Maurer and Patricia Swanson Bergeron. After being together for exactly 17 years, Greg & Trisha married on January 17th, 2013. Dressed in Aqua, they took their vows fireside in their beautiful home followed by a small, intimate reception at their favorite local restaurant, Solstice. Greg & Trisha have established a strong relationship and spirit of cooperation through their love for each other and their unrivaled passion for their home. The couple designed and built their home together on the Maurer land nine years ago. Their children have since left the nest and Trisha has left the corporate world. Now is the right time for Greg & Trisha to share their experience of living the dream and enjoying the peace and passion of Ahh…Qua Bed & Breakfast.